While you Sleep your Website is Still Working for you 24/7

While you Sleep your Website is Still Working for you 24/7

The Importance of a Website in the Digital world we live in today.

You arrive home from work and your day has gone ok. Your business is doing ok, and work is coming in, but you wonder whether it will continue to do so in the months and years ahead.

As more and more people look to find businesses and services online, the demand to have a great website increases. It is no longer just a requirement to have a website, but a requirement to have a great website.

A website that works on any device that it is viewed on. Mobile and Tablet account for 50% of website traffic, and it is growing as Tablets and Smart phones become more affordable and more technologically advanced.

Your website needs to match this growing trend.


A Website works for you 24/7, 365 days a year.. no employee can do that for you.

Your website is like the signpost that tells people where to go, tells them all the information they want, when they want it.

You may have a potential website visitor coming to your website today, and they see your site.
Why are they viewing your website? Its unlikely going to be for fun, its most likely going to be because they are thinking about using your services, or buying your products.

So if all the website visitors are doing this, they are making a judgment about your business, and the services you offer.

So why would you settle for anything less than the best website design available today?


Dont just inform your website visitors, delight them!

People come to expect a certain level of information that they can obtain from a website. But if the user gets a little more than they came onto the site for then great, you have exceeded their expectations, and given them a positive experience.

Tell me, if you have a positive experience in a restaurant, are you likely to return again?

What about if you had a bad experience at a new restaurant? Are you likely to return?

Websites, just like anything else are about giving a positive user experience.

But how do I delight my users?

People relate to people. So the text should read more like how a person would speak, than how a Politician might speak about the European migrant crisis.

Dont be afraid to hold back on what you want to say, but obviously you dont want to offend!

A Web page is not a book, and you shouldnt treat it like one!
You dont want really long paragraphs that go on and on forever.

See how I have broken up my paragraphs into easy to consume lines…
I bet if you have got this far then it is obviously working! And there is no reason why it cant work for you too on your website!

A picture tells a thousand…
Yes it does, but the wrong picture or a poor picture can tell a thousand wrong words and be completely out of context with what you are trying to get across to the end user.

The picture you choose, is likely going to be the thing that someone remembers from your post,
and if you can teach them something then they will assign that picture in their minds to the post/person that taught them so much.

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