What Does Your Website Say About Your Business?

What Does Your Website Say About Your Business?

Would you describe your business website as…

  • Professional?
  • Efficient?
  • Trustworthy?
  • Well Managed?
  • Easy to Understand?

Are there any other words you would describe your business as?

Are these reflected on your website?

“Your website may be the first point of contact you have with a potential customer. You need to ensure that first impressions match what you feel your business represents”
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Aim for Quality Website Solutions

website design exampleYour website is the single focal point that combines all your online efforts. The information your business provides is available 24/7 to people everywhere in the world. So making your information presentable and efficient is the aim of the web designer. It is vitally important you get a GREAT website, as every person that visits your website is either a potential customer, or an existing customer.

Making sure the website solutions are coming from a professional, whether it is a new build or an improvement on an existing site. It is important to get it done by someone who knows what they are doing!

Ensure you are getting the best and fastest UK based hosting to ensure you are given the best available technology for the money you spend. You do not want to go with GoDaddy, or HostGator or a substandard service that will immediately put you behind your competition for website performance.

Once built, you want to make sure you can update the content on your own website, with full training provided by the web designer. In order to save money further down the line, or at least have the login details in order to give this role or responsibility to someone else if at all possible. You might find you do not have the time or resource to manage this part of the business yourself, which is when you might consider website management services.

Are you Ready for a new Website?

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What have people said about my work?

“We would like to express our sincere thanks to Robert Spencer for designing our website www.atkinsthetford.com – huge help and assistance from start to finish and we would recommend Robert’s web design services to anyone and any business. “
Atkins Thetford Ltd
“★★★★★ Robert created a website for my business which I am very happy with. He took the time to listen to exactly what I wanted, he really knows his stuff & was a very reasonable price. Would highly recommend! Thanks Robert”
Clare Denton

Web Design Estimated Price Guidelines

Express New Build+Fully responsive
+Professional service
+Fantastic design
+Fast loading
+Up to 10 pages
+Basic SEO service
+Reports on web traffic
+Basic Training
+Email Support


From £350

Existing Site Takeover+Site re-created
+Hosting transferred
+Fully responsive
+Professional service
+Fantastic design
+Fast loading
+Up to 10 pages
+Full SEO
+Reports on web traffic
+Email Support
+One to one support

From £450

Advanced Build+Fully responsive
+Professional service
+Fantastic design
+Fast loading
+Up to 10 pages
+Full SEO
+Reports on web traffic
+Email Support
+One to One support
+Full Sitemap creation
+Link Building
+Adv. SEO Service
+Social Networking

From £450 to £1500
(dependent on requirement)

Custom BuildNeed something a bit different? Or unsure of what you need?

I can give you a free quote, just send me an email

Your customers make a Judgement very quickly

  • 50 ms – an initial judgement is made about visual appeal
  • 500 ms – a more comprehensive visual judgement is made
  • 3 seconds – an assessment, and a decision is made on whether to stay on the site or exit
In Desktop View

How quickly do you make a judgement about a website? Probably quicker than you think!

Only Seconds

We make judgements about a website in only a few seconds.

If the website is poor then it will put us off using the company and we will look elsewhere.

This negative impact can have long lasting impact on potential customers who have been exposed to your brand.

Being tablet and mobile friendly is highly important today, and the experience on mobile and tablet should enhance the experience for the user.

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