How to Start a Gift Ideas Online Business

How to Start a Gift Ideas Online Business

Everybody wants to own a part of the Christmas and gift market, and it all sounds really promising to have a website, full of visitors with a high intent on buying gifts for their loved ones, or people they care for.

In order to understand how to start up a business relating to gift ideas, you must

Step 1 Get a good understanding of the current market.

This step in itself can sometimes go on forever, but ensuring that you stay focused and continue to step 2 and so on is important, because otherwise you will stall and never turn your idea into a reality.

I am very guilty of doing this, and purchasing domain names and ideas I have come up with is more often than not where I get to before sidelining the project or delaying it further until “the time is right”

It is important to remember to not just spend your time thinking about ideas.. if you have a good feeling that there is a gap for you to succeed then you should go ahead and do it and get to the next steps!

So how do we get a good understanding of the current market?

The Google Keyword Tool is a good start. (Im not going to spend my time here talking about the other tools that are available on the Market, as this is a whole other series of posts for another day. If you really want to know about the other marketing tools that professionals use then it would be a list that is forever changing and adapting.)

With this tool, i like to use it to look for brand names, and I also like to use it to assess generic searches for terms highly related to my industry.

So using this tool, we can see that gift ideas, would be somewhat comprised of the following..

These searches are aimed at people in the UK only..

gifts in the UK market

We can see that surprisingly Gifts for men, is extremely high on the list, receiving more than double the amount of searches for “gifts”

This means.. to me that people in the UK struggle to buy gifts for men!

You can see how this tool is great at not just understanding how many searches for various things on the web that happen everyday, but how it can be used for research and understanding different industries.

The amount of learning that can be done is extremely high for almost any industry, and you will often see things like this that suprise you!

We can also see that baby gifts, and gift ideas are high search phrases. Not to mention that “best friend gifts” also has a high demand.

You can see how these search phrases that I have just randomly inputted from my mind have started to tell a story, or give us a bigger picture about the gift market.

So now.. we expand this list, this is all part of Step 1 still!

How to quickly expand your list of Keywords!

Simply pick a keyphrase from your existing list and goto google, and type it in or paste it in.

Then scroll all the way to the bottom, to see related searches for “mens gifts.”

You will quickly see here, that there are some awesome key phrases that are used by people to find these kinds of gifts.

gifts for men google search

Such high demand for mens gifts is really interesting, and its even enough to make our gift website just about Mens Gifts if we wanted to.

You can see from the list, and from some of the key phrases how we could create content on the site aimed at these people with relative ease. “gifts for men who have everything” is a massively popular long tail key phrase and could be a quirky name for our brand if we chose to have something like that! As you can see that phrase alone gets 1,300 searches a month.. not bad really is it, considering most small local businesses survive with just a couple of hundred searches a month!

Important: Now.. you can spend lots of time in Step 1. and really get a good idea about the keywords and phrases that people might search and get a really good idea of demand for an industry as a whole.. but im definitely not going to do that here, because I have other projects and I dont need anymore! ha

Other steps you want to do in Step 1 if you can.

Look at competitors who are successful, what do they do well, what kind of gifts/products are they selling. Do they physically own the items they are selling or do they resell stuff?

Step 2. Lets get Building, Designing and Structuring

You need to take all of your research from Step 1 and turn it into something meaningful for other people.

You kind of need to take your findings, and present them on a page in a way not to educate people, but instead present everything that a gifts shop needs to do..

so to do this, you have to have an idea about content structure, and about designing the website from this structure..

and to do this, basically what it comes down to, is something really simple in essence, but extremely powerful if you know how to structure content.

Going back to our original list of keywords… you can see how some things are the parent of other things.. for example

Under the heading of “Gifts” you can have

  • Gifts for Men
  • Gifts for Women
  • Gifts for Babies
  •  and so on..

But instead of them being bullet points, they need to be H1, H2, H3 dependant on where they sit on the category tree!

So it would look something like this…


<h2>Gifts for Men</h2>

<h3>Gifts for Boyfriend</h3>

<h2>Gifts for Women</h2>

<h3>Gifts for Girlfriend</h3>

<h2>Gifts for Pets</h2>

<h3>Gifts for Dogs</h3>

<h4>Gifts for Chihuahua’s</h4>

So this above is the structure of your content. As you can see, the final structure with the Chihuahua is the really obvious example as to how the structure should be.

And all of this content structure helps Google understand what your work is all about, and helps Google itself understand the concept of these things much better.

My SEO strategy is often based around helping Google understand things better.. so if it can learn something through the structure of my content about certain things, then it is more likely to use it as a reference for a concept later on to help understand it. However in this case, Google probably already has a pretty good understanding of what Gifts are already, but there is probably nowhere at the moment that has got the structure down so well that isn’t a major online retailer like Amazon, eBay etc. But i maybe wrong because I havnt gone into more detail in Step 1!

So thats the content structure somewhat sorted, its time to design a page that would fit this structure.. well thats where things get more interesting, I will be sure to update this post in the near future to tell you about how to design pages based on a content strucutre like this.. as it is the key part to helping people navigate through your site and discover and experience the website.


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