Website Design - Why?


You may have 101 reasons as to why you have decided you need a website designed

  • Making sure I keep up with my local competitor
  • Ensuring my website captures what my business represents
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  1. To show our work is credible
  2. To grow our brand
  3. Its the best way to engage prospective customers
  4. Increase the visibility of our products
  5. To put my business on the map
  6. To increase our ability to sell our products internationally
  7. To better provide our customers with the information they require
  8. To be in control of the content that the business puts out
  9. To be able to see who our customers are
  10. Assess how our customers consume our marketing material
  11. To enhance our visibility and offerings to people who are not at our physical store
  12. To network with other stakeholders
  13. To be able to sell products
  14. To reach a particular demographic that has previously not been reachable
  15. To be able to answer FAQs (frequently asked questions) about our services or products
  16. To stay in contact with our customers and establish a long term relationship
  17. To allow feedback from customers
  18. To test and market new products
  19. To reach the media and increase public awareness
  20. To better serve the local market with our own services or products.
  21. If we want to be taken seriously we need a Website.
  22. By owning your own Website your information is available to the world 24/7/365.
  23. A website allows anyone to visit you, when they want, at any location
  24. To give an advantage over other competitors that are similar to yours but don’t have a Website.
  25. Because our customers have said they want us to have a website
  26. Because we want to be able to provide privileged access to information
  27. To be able to publish content to a global audience
  28. Because our website is key to increasing our overall market share for our products
  29. Because we have technical problems with our own website
  30. To earn advertising revenue from the traffic we have obtained
  31. Because our free website hosting is not giving us a professional look that we need
  32. Because just having our Facebook page is limiting our exposure on the web
  33. Because how people use Facebook is different to how people use companies websites
  34. Because it is easy for us to promote our website, which in turn promotes our brand and all of its information
  35. To show that we support good causes
  36. To take advantage of the storage space available
  37. To be able to take payments online
  38. To be able to accept paypal payments for services
  39. To be able to create shopping experience similar to Amazon
  40. To get a professional web site designed to match our professional image.
  41. Because we are a authority source of information offline and want to enhance our on line authority
  42. To be able to show off our positive customer reviews to potential customers
  43. To be able to collect email addresses for contacting about our products
  44. To start blogging about our area of expertise
  45. To start reaching the people who visit our website across the internet
  46. Sell and distribute CD’s and DVDs of our music
  47. To start accepting credit card regular payments for services
  48. To be able to manage our customer contact lists
  49. To allow our customers to book services online
  50. To set up a store to sell t-shirts
  51. To allow a new way for customers to make enquiries
  52. To show our credibility with a modern web design
  53. To gain insight into how many people are looking for our business
  54. To find out how people find us and enhance our website landing pages
  55. To increase the geographical areas that we can cater to
  56. Because a website allows us to makes changes and update information inexpensively and quickly
  57. To be able to contact our customers in a more streamlined way
  58. Because a website is easier to remember than a phone number
  59. Because our website does not function efficiently on tablets and mobiles
  60. To build a community on line
  61. To show off my work as a portfolio
  62. To raise awareness for a good cause
  63. To raise awareness about our offers
  64. To give people advice about our area of expertise and help them ask the right questions
  65. To warn people about the dangers of our field without putting them off pursuing our services
  66. Our current webmaster is expensive and we need a better solution
  67. Our current domain name doesnt match our new business name
  68. Our current domain name is not as good as it could be
  69. Our hosting is poor and we need a better web host
  70. Our content mangement system is poor and outdated
  71. Because we would like to be able to blog on our website
  72. Because we have grown our business and feel that it is time for a website
  73. To show off our work with a gallery
  74. To enable people to click to call us directly from our website without having to type in our phone number
  75. Because we need someone who we can trust to help us build our website
  76. Because we have used a website builder that is limiting to our professional web presence
  77. Because the graphics on our website are too small and outdated
  78. There is much room for improvement from a design perspective
  79. Confident that a new website would help us generate more sales
  80. We would like to know who are customers are
  81. To gain new kinds of insight about our customers
  82. To gain feedback about how our customers see our brand
  83. To create questionnaires to see what people have to say about us
  84. To create incentives to buy more products from us
  85. Our website can be the central point of all of our marketing efforts
  86. To take down our competitor a peg or two!
  87. Because it is not expensive to improve our website but incredibly valuable
  88. It enables us to put across our vision for our company in an interactive way
  89. It enables us to teach our customers about the products we offer, from the comfort of their homes
  90. It enables us to collect custom information about our own customers
  91. It allows us to assess ROI for offline/online marketing campaigns
  92. It allows us to measure new KPIs against any kind of marketing
  93. Because our competitor recently got a new site and we have seen a decrease in activity on our own
  94. Our site is simply rubbish and everyone tells us it needs to be better!
  95. We are much better than our website represents us as
  96. Our services are very competitive and we are not visible compared to our competitors.
  97. Because we want somewhere to centralise all of the great feedback we have from customers
  98. Because we want to contact our customers with regular offers
  99. We want to be able to update our content all the time to make sure our customers are up to date with what we can offer them

Website Design Requirements

These are the minimal criteria that virtually any business will need for a new Website or a takeover of an existing website.


A website that enables me to edit the content

For you or someone within the business to be able to edit the content themselves, ensuring that visitors get the latest updates on your business.

responsive devices

Responsive Web Design

Ensuring that the website looks great on all devices and captures exactly what my business represents regardless of which device the site is looked at from.

The experience of getting results for a new website is priceless

A website that is visible on search engines

Being found on the bigger search engines is very important to ensure that people who are searching for you or your services find you, and not someone else instead.

rspencer website design package

A web design that represents my brand

A site that represents the brand of your website is of the utmost importance. A website that you can be proud of and leaving the exact impressions on visitors that you want.

The experience on mobile is as important as tablet and desktop devices

A modern website design solution

A solution that is modern, and embraces and utilises the latest technology that is available

winning the support person of the year at Archant

A website provided by a trustworthy webmaster

You need someone who you can trust to help you get everything in place and give you the platform to provide this information to your customers


Skills Required to be a Good Web Designer?

Designing a website is not easy, and it has taken years of learning technical and design skills to reach a point of being able to design websites to the quality required.

There is no compensation for quality when it comes to Web Design

Do you know some of these languages? Are you familiar with these applications and different terminology? Then you should be a web designer like me!

Content Management Systems

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Bootstrap

File Management/Hosting

  • Remote Access
  • Server Technology
  • Hosting
  • Domains
  • DNS
  • Email
  • cPanel


  • MySQL
  • FTP
  • HTTP
  • ASP
  • JSP
  • ASP
  • XML


  • Photoshop
  • Vectors
  • Web fonts
  • Google fonts
  • Graphic design
  • Advertising
  • inDesign
  • Formats
  • Image Sizing
  • Plugins

Why Can I Not Just Design the Website Myself?

john parker fixings website
A high quality design is important for generating customers from your website.

splats-greenYou may be tempted to try and design the website yourself, or you might think that you know someone who can do an ok job for your website design for cheap.

The reality is however that your website is going to be the central point at which everybody who knows about your company who might be interested in using you at some point in the future will visit.

Making sure you leave the best impression possible is of the upmost importance.

Have you ever decided not to go with company A because company B’s website is better?

Its the same as going into a store…
If there is dust on the shelves or it looks like noone has tidied up for a long time then you probably wont come back!

Are you Ready for a New Website?

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