How to Submit your site to Google in 2017

How to Submit your site to Google in 2017

How to Submit your site to Google in 2017

This article covers the basics and details the art of submitting your site through Google in 2014. Please take into account that Google search engine submission services are offered today and are over priced as people are mis informed about the difficulty of submitting your site and how much work is involved.

Step 1

First question to ask.

Is my site already indexed in google?

Easiest way to tell this is if you simply goto the google search bar and type in your domain web address. for example


Step 2

Am i right to submit to Google search?

This graphic shows that you should definitely focus your efforts onto Google for sure. Especially if you do business in the UK/Europe.

Google is the number one search engine and by some margin too.

search engine market share

search engine market share

Step 3

Submit your domain URL.
This is really easy and will take no time at all to do. You will need to join Google Webmaster Tools, and once there just click this link to submit your URL. I would just submit your domain, so just the with no further submissions for other pages as that is what a sitemap is for.

Doing this will tell google of your presence, but after submitting you wont suddenly see yourself on the search result pages (serp). Google will decide whether to index you and it could take several days/weeks to become indexed.

Step 3

You need to submit a sitemap

If you have a website then I recommend creating and submitting a sitemap. There are various ways to do this, and it is relatively easy for a web-master to do for you.

I prefer to use wordpress and install a plugin that automatically updates the sitemap file as you add or delete pages, yet anohter reason i recommend wordpress as your Content Management System.

This is the wordpress plugin I would recommend

Although some people believe that you shouldnt bother submitting a sitemap as Google will discover your site anyway, I would do anything that helps Google understand your website. Also by submitting a sitemap you are telling google ‘hey look at me, im here’ and would speed up the time it takes to get indexed in the search.

To submit a sitemap you need to join google webmaster tools. Once you have confirmed your site you can add a sitemap.

Step 4

Do you need Structured Data?

Adavanced users or webmasters will be able to submit Structured Data or organise the content on the website to make use of this data that can be used by Google search engines to display results in a very organised and structured way that increases the clicks generated from a Search Engine Result page.

The structured data is very useful if you have events, want to make your name and face recognisable with your content. You can also have a review star rating from a product review or a list of tracks from a musicians album. There are more and more structured data that allows people to stand out in search engines and you should ensure that you are one of these people who are making use of every opportunity available.

I would not try and tackle rich snippets on your own as it is very technically challenging. You can create a website that makes use of these rich snippets through my services if you wanted to stand out on search engines with reviews, or events etc. Although there is a bigger cost associated with this.





Step 5

The waiting game.

I would monitor your page performance especially with search engine results over the next 2 weeks. If you already had traffic to your site from search and hadnt submitted a sitemap until now, then it would be a good idea to see how much search traffic you are getting in comparison to a few weeks previous. It can take weeks to get fully indexed and you will end up thinking ‘why is my site now showing on google!?’ but it will be indexed in time and it should be highly visible so long as you have followed everything listed here.

If you have any questions about search engine submission or require any help then feel free to contact me and i ll see if i can help.

it may take days, weeks or even months to be fully indexed in search engines


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