Lucock Plastering

Lucock Plastering

Project Description

This website is a basic website, but the attention to detail is high.

Really they only offer 2 services, so therefore every page they do have has a reasonably high level of optimisation for lead generation.

The role of the website is very simple; generate leads and create a trustworthy and professional feel about the business. Letting the work the company do tell their story.

Also, I wanted to ensure the website didnt look “scary” to people. What i mean by that is that sometimes web designers offer solutions that do not match what the business represents… in this case it is a simple father and son business. They are both highly skilled at the job they do and ensure that the customer saves a ton of money and/or time by using their great plastering services.

A lot of web designers might try and make a highly corporate looking brochure style website and make the company look bigger than it is, which in the case of self employed local tradesmen is not a good route to try and go down because it will cause confusion with the website visitor/potential customer.

The website continues to deliver a good amount of leads to the business, with the help of Organic search work, Paid search advertising and a small amount of Display advertising.

The kinds of people who are in the market for plastering services are usually quite short with their timescales. Its a job that needs doing relatively quickly when it needs doing, so ensuring any re targeting is capped to maximum 7 days ensures I am not wasting any digital advertising budget on unlikely targets.