John Parker Fixings

John Parker Fixings
John Parker Fixings

Project Description

search engine results

John Parker Fixings results in Organic Search.

This is an ongoing project to rise the website to the top of Google rankings for various keywords and phrases in the local area. This is also a website that has had lots of tweaks and ongoing work done over time to ensure it works hard on Organic search. the website is highly optimised for Google search engines and ensures that there is a good amount of leads coming into the business on an ongoing basis.

The website design itself is made to fit in with the rest of the brand.

Taking old advertising examples from newspaper cuttings and other material to make a design that matches the exact goal of the business.

The website has performed well over the last couple of years, but where improvements can be made currently is with the hosting of the website. BT hosting is very expensive for what it is, and we have experienced some down time on the site over the years, which can stagger search engine domination significantly.

I will always recommend hosting with Siteground for my customers, or you can get it even cheaper when using my shared hosting running the same technology.

Some of the work shown is not just about the website design but its position in search engines over time.

The kinds of key phrases that the website ranks for in Google and other search engines now, is quite extensive.

The reason they rank for so many is because of how informative the website and its content is to people. You can see searches for things such as “what are sash windows” because Google see our page on Sash windows as so informative to people that is picks it out as a result ahead of even national competitors locally.