Jelly Tots Nursery

Jelly Tots Nursery

Project Description

Jelly Tots Nursery is a childrens creche/nursery that takes care of young children in Thetford and surrounding areas.

They wanted to create an online presence that would showcase all of their services and information to people who were looking for nurseries locally.

They understood the importance of being visible on Google and other search engines in order to be found by potential customers.

The website captures the child friendly environment that Jelly Tots Nursery have created. The fonts, colours and ease of the user journey is very reassuring and exactly what the client required.

The real challenge on this website was to show their timetable and the kinds of services they offer without complicating the information for the user.

It is a great feeling to know that the work I have done has helped children receive the quality of care that Jelly Tots Nursery give their children. Without the website the parents of the children may not have found or known about the business and its location!

Take a look and visit Jelly Tots Nursery Website !