Fifa Tips

Fifa Tips

Project Description is a website I have launched in order to experiment with creating a content led website. The content is written by myself and I utilise some of the latest SEO techniques in order to get web traffic to the website.

The idea behind this website is a long term goal that will aim to achieve a domination of the Tips and advice area of the video game Fifa.

The good idea about this game in particular is that it is released every year, and has improvements and new additional game-play features that mean that the website and its content will always be relevant for the foreseeable future.

The design is from a UX perspective very simple and straightforward. The user simply browses/discovers tips, or chooses to narrow down exactly the category they are looking to improve their game with.

This simple navigation is cross device. On mobile devices a menu that allows the user to navigate easier will appear. Also the content will adapt and move in a more swipe-able fashion.

No matter which device you are on, the website design will still hold its look and feel, and will function in exactly the right way. As the website adds content over time, it will become more and more a useful tool for people.

There are options to monetise in the future, but in the early days it is important to ensure the content is of the highest quality to ensure that the user maximises their stay on the website and the content they find is very usable and consumable.