Atkins Thetford

Atkins Thetford

Project Description

This site is designed for a close friend, and is my first project. Currently there is a real lack of content and imagery on the site, but their business has only just started up and this will change in the coming months.

I was given the logo by the directors from the company and had to work with this as a design scheme for the rest of the website.

The website is responsive and reacts well to any device that the website is shown on. There is a distinct slider on the site, that gives a flavour of what the company is about and what they do. The company have the and .com version of their website because they have international clients all around the world, so it is important to ensure their redirects to this .com domain.

The site is also great for search and a strategy for increasing visits to the site via search will be coming down the road in the near future. The company has only just started up, so the change on the website will happen over the mid to long term.

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