Ipswich Web Design Services

If your business is based in Ipswich then you will need a website design that reflects the place in which your business is located.

It can be difficult to find the right look and feel for a website, and to create something that stands out online against your competitors is not an easy challenge to undertake on your own.

Being a web designer is a skill not acquired by many people and it takes a certain level of understanding in depth how people behave on websites in order to create an experience that is not only great in terms of presentation but also functions exactly how the user expects regardless of which device they are on.

Here is the top things you need to know when searching for web designers based in Ipswich.

ipswich web-design

Ipswich Devices Breakdown

Each geographical location has a different breakdown of device type. It varies from place to place, and even locally in different towns and even postcodes the types of devices people are on changes.

In Ipswich, we can see the breakdown of device type is as follows


Breakdown of Devices used in Ipswich

So how important therefore is it to have a website that is optimised for all these device types if you are looking to have a website designed in Ipswich?
Very important is the answer based on this evidence.

If you didnt then you would be missing almost half of the audience that interact with your website, and google would de rank your website because it is not suitable for mobile, or tablet viewing.

web design mockup

The Importance of Responsive Web Design for Websites created in Ipswich

Desktop Users – to ensure that all desktop users are covered by the Responsive design requirement a website should look good on the Desktop device. Most of the time this is the primary device that is used to view the website, however this trend is changing and it is likely that each household will have more and more portable devices that can view web pages and websites from in the next few years.

Tablet Users – Tablet users is Ipswich are typically viewing from iPads and Samsung tablets, however you may have a child or someone you know may have a child that is using a smaller tablet or a lesser known device type so they dont make a mess of a more expensive device. This trend is likely to change and tablets will become more affordable and more competitive. A website should be adapting to this change and the screensize changes that will be occuring over the next few years.

Mobile Users – Mobile users are really different users to your average web browser. If they are on your website, they are unlikely to browse the website for longer than they need to, so it needs to be quick and efficient to read, and pick out key information such as a phone number.

Click to Call

A click to call button comes standard on all the website I create. A click to call button for someone based in Ipswich is likely to be a useful addition for the 29.5% of users who visit your website from their phones. The click to call button would only appear on mobile devices and not on desktop.

callIt is still important currently to cover all bases and a responsive website allows you to be future proof no matter which device size may be used in the future!

responsive devices

Is your website a responsive website?

Here is how to check!

  • If you are on your desktop browser,
  • Goto the top left corner and press the button in the middle of these 3 icons..

This is the restore button, this will make the window size a bit smaller width and height.

responsive mobile view

This is what my website looks like on mobile or tablet view

  • If you now drag the sides of the window in, until it looks like a mobile or tablet size, you will see how the design of the website will react to your screen size.
  • You can use this knowledge to test your competitors websites aswell as your own to see if you have a responsive website.
  • It is unlikely unless you had a website created in the last 2 years that your website is a responsive website solution.

Website Imagery in Website Design

If location is important in how the design is supposed to be portrayed then it must be taken into account with the website design.

A good picture of your premises is important to ensure your business not only looks professional, but also to show quickly to the user you are an established business.

  • Include images of your office location or business address

This straight away gives us a sense of local and trust in the business.

The Importance of User Experience

The user experience that is used may not be the one you have designed.

People choose to use the site and the reason they are using it needs to be understood correctly in order to design a solution that enables the user to accomplish what they are trying to do.

Sometimes delivering information isn’t just about having the words on the screen.

Its about creating an experience that the user will return to again and again.

In a park, pathways should be kept in a straight line from point to point to maximise the efficiency of the pathway.

Likewise a user experience in a restaurant. You dont just go there to eat.
You go there to have a good time, to get great service, eat amazing food and be looked after by the staff.

The same goes for a Supermarket. The experience of getting everything you want and also discovering new items that you didnt think you needed adds to the positive user experience. If you feel like you got a good deal, then you might decide to visit again in future. You dont want to walk down windy unnecessary paths in a Supermarket, instead an efficient grid layout works best most of the time.

The more positive the user experience the more likely the person is to return again at a later date. The same goes for a website experience!

So how important is that return visit? If your a restaurant then its very important.
If you are a web designer like me then its also very important. People who are after a new website might have two or three options in mind, or they might have heard of a good user experience from someone else who has recommended their services.

I dont want you to have a bad time with me and make use of my web design and marketing services once.
I want you to use my web services because you get great value out of them.
They provide something for your business that is unique, and you get looked after well and have all your questions about the web and how it effects your local area of Ipswich and beyond.

user experience example
What a person does on your website might not be what you want them to do.

The experience on mobile is as important as tablet and desktop devices

Tips for User Experience on your Website

A user needs to both be excited to see what you have to offer, and also be informed by what you have on offer. And it all needs to happen very quickly.

People are judging you and your business within seconds of their visit. Even before the page has loaded people will judge your competency by how quickly your website loads! Its a bit like being in a restaurant… how quickly am I seated.

Good design is at the heart of what I do, and appreciating good design is where you need to get to in order to understand what a good web designer is, and what a bad web designer is. (And there are some very bad ones!)

user in control of mobile device responsive design

Make sure you cater your design and experience to the type of people who will use your website

What is the specific role of each page?

A well designed website will always have the user in mind, and cater to what they are trying to achieve.

In this case, you are on a page about Website Design in Ipswich. This page is designed to help you read through the whole page. By writing content that is honest, not generic and has a purpose people are more likely to read it. If someone reads in genuinely then it means your search engine rank will rise.

Is the user looking at what services you have to offer?

Great then make sure that there is enough information to give an overview of what each service is.

If you have 100 services, then its probably best to have dedicated pages for each service, rather than create a really long page that the user will be unable to find what they are looking for. Most people will have up to 5 different things they offer, depending on the size of the business, the indsutry. It is important to have a seperate page for each service, and a more broad overall page that simply shows all the services your business does.

Are your web visitors looking to make a transaction with your business?

Then they should be able to complete the process quickly and efficiently without too much pain.

Have you considered reducing the amount of key presses or mouse clicks in order for them to complete a transaction?

How important is gathering lots of user data?

Are you making full use of that data to warrant asking for so much information.. You might be asking for 20 things, and people are put off contacting you. The contact form, or the data you are requesting should enhance the experience the user is having.

How long does it take to consume the content?

If it takes 10 minutes to find the contact number of your business on your website, then you will be missing out on potential calls!! So many businesses can suffer because there isn’t a quick way to find their number. Luckily all of my websites feature a tap to call feature, and easy to contact options.

Only the most determined may choose to contact you. If you have the luxury of having far too much business already that you dont need to put your phone number on your website then great!

But it should be part of the header along with email address information.

You may also discover that the words on your page are too close together.
Breaking paragraphs up is a good way to make reading the content easier for the user.

Fonts and Type Faces

The last thing you want to do is spend thousands of pounds worth of advertising your brand and developing your website only to use Comic Sans as the font of choice.

Your font styles should reflect your business, and the objective that you have as a business.

I make use of Google Fonts, which have a massive selection that you to choose the exact font that matches the personality of your business.


Colours are often misunderstood and misused when designing for the web. You probably already have a branded image or logo that you use for your business cards. However a lot of “web designers” in Ipswich and the local area will not match the exact colours that have been decided for your business. Or choose their favorite colour instead of one that matches your business objectives.


The main thought that comes into mind when talking about navigation is the menu at the top of the page. However navigation just means to explore in a particular direction, so why should we force users to navigate using tiny areas of the screen at the top when there is so much space to be explored down below?

Good navigation helps users discover your content and your information through good web design.

When talking about the menu you might want to ask questions like.

  • When should you use a mobile menu,
  • When should you be using a classic menu,
  • What options are there for ensuring that the website navigation functions well and helps users understand my business whilst navigating through the website
  • Website Load Time

Page Load Speed

We have already seen how people of Ipswich have a high frequency to be on mobile devices, and a large percentage of these are likely to be on 3g or a slower speed than what we may wish to imagine.

This means that your website load time needs to be fast. How do you make it fast?
It needs to be optimised and it needs to have good hosting.

I use the best hosting in the UK for my websites, which helps create a user experience that encourages page exploration. I believe there is nothing worse than being reluctant to view more pages on a website because of page load speed. It is the biggest failure of most websites to have a poor website speed, making it easier to rise the rankings by simply having a fast website.


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