Infographic: Local Search Behaviour, User Expectations and Preferences

The infographic below shows us just how important location is to a users search. In a recent study it was shown that 4 in 5 people want ads that are customised to their location. This is more true of desktop and tablet users than smart phone users.

Users think that directions and a call button on a website or on a search result are highly important. Whereas on computer and tablet, users believe that having the local address and phone number is the most important inclusion.

In another study, 19% of users have agreed with the statements about location based ads in their influence to make unplanned visits or purchases at a store.

From all of these statistics one thing is clear. That local marketing online is extremely important, in not only the influence it serves, but in terms of the convenience to your potential customers it can bring to your business.

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User behaviour in local search


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