How to Reach the People of Ipswich Online

How to Reach the People of Ipswich Online

How to Reach the People of Ipswich Online

Reaching the people of Ipswich is just like reaching anyone else in the world, but there are subtle differences that I will uncover in this post, which will help you understand where everyone is hiding and how to reach them online.

Once we have found the people of Ipswich, there is another stage in which you want to talk to each of these people and the platform that they are on. This will be in another post later on.

Finding the People of Ipswich

What websites do people of ipswich use the most?

Well there isnt an easy way to find this information out, but what we can do is find out how many people search for brands to get an idea of what websites people visit most. If you are searching for Facebook on Google then that shows intent that you are going to be going onto Facebook right?

So in Google Adwords Keyword planner  I have put some popular websites that I think people of Ipswich might search for. Just a few of the popular ones that are popular in the UK.



Later on I changed the terms to exact brand name searches and changed my bidding amounts to get a decent estimate on the amount of impressions I could get for each brand name search, for people located in Ipswich.

This gives me an estimate or a relative insight into how popular these brands are to the people of Ipswich.


On the below you can see that I’ve highlighted in green and yellow. Yellow shows that the search in question has an associated app, which will skew the data somewhat and people wouldnt search for a brand if they have an app on their phone.


its interesting to see so many exact searches for the term “Ipswich” it seems that the people of Ipswich are hoping to discover something interesting about their home-town by just searching for it on Google. I wonder how this compares to other towns? How likely are we to search our own home-town on Google? Very much so if you live in Ipswich.

The stand out two websites from the brand name searches seem to be YouTube and the Ipswich Star. There is also Facebook too, which is not far behind. But it seems to be that a lot of people who are located in Ipswich are on Youtube a lot!

These are just estimates remember and these are based on brand name searches so its not an exact science but its certainly showing a lot of results for these 3 sites.


How many People live in Ipswich?

Looking at how many people live in Ipswich is important so we can know how many people we can reach online potentially.

Information relating to the population of Ipswich in 2014 show the following;

The population of Ipswich on August 6th 2014 is approximately 128,651. (Extrapolated from England populations of 50,760,000 on June 13th 2008, 23:11 and 51,446,000 on February 10th 2010, and a Ipswich population of 117,000 in 2002.)

When we look on the Google Display Planner tool, we can see that there are 500k to 1,000,000 different cookies. Cookies are not quite on a per user basis however. A user can use a different browser on their computer, or a different app or a different game that produces display advertisements.

So we cant be too sure of how many people of Ipswich are online compared with the population. But from the below it certainly shows that a lot of young people in Ipswich are online!


What does this data show us exactly?

It shows that if an app or website uses digital display advertising then we can pick up the data that is collected from the cookie and see all of the data together for Ipswich.

It shows that from our individual targetting of simply ‘Ipswich, UK‘ that the following Apps are popular in Ipswich, or the most relevant for our search.
Cookie Click, Scrabble(iTunes),
iTorch Flashlight,
Gumtree (iTunes),
Bike Race Fr..,
2048 (iTunes)

The website data on the other hand is mostly anonymous, but you can see eBay and Autotrader up there, which shows that classifieds are popular websites among Ipswich people. This is also seen with the popularity of Gumtree in both Google Play and Apple iTunes app stores.

The full list of Apps that are popular among Ipswich users can be seen below. But remember, these are apps that have display advertising opportunities. If they do not then they will not show on this data. So the Facebook App doesnt use the Google display Advertising network so they will not appear on the list. These are a list of Apps that are effectively monetising with display ads well in Ipswich and apps that appeal to Ipswich users that are using the Google Display ad network.

#1 Cookie Clickers (iTunes App Store), by redBit games
#2 SCRABBLE (Google Play), by EA Mobile
#3 iTorch Flashlight (iTunes App Store), by Pixelinlove Ltd
#4 SCRABBLE™ Free (iTunes App Store), by Electronic Arts
#5 Bike Race Free by Top Free Games (iTunes App Store), by Top Free Games
#6 Super-Bright LED Flashlight (Google Play), by Surpax Technology Inc.
#7 Gumtree (Google Play), by Gumtree UK
#8 Gumtree (iTunes App Store), by
#9 2048 (iTunes App Store), by Ketchapp
#10 Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal (Google Play), by MyFitnessPal, Inc.
#11 Cartoon HD (iTunes App Store), by Pham Liem
#12 iMusic – Music from YouTube (iTunes App Store), by Hao Wen
#13 TuneIn Radio (iTunes App Store), by TuneIn
#14 Board Games Lite (Google Play), by minkusoft
#15 Classic Words Solo (Google Play), by Lulo Apps
#16 120 Card Games Solitaire Pack (Google Play), by RikkiGames
#17 Free Music Download. (iTunes App Store), by Limit Point Software
#18 Saavn — Bollywood Music and Radio (iTunes App Store), by Saavn
#19 Final Kick: The best penalty shootout (iTunes App Store), by Ivanovich Games
#20 reddit sync (Google Play), by Sync apps
#21 Flappy Bird (iTunes App Store), by Dong Nguyen
#22 Camfrog (iTunes App Store), by Camshare, Inc.
#23 Photo Collage ∞ (iTunes App Store), by Kai Xia
#24 MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People (Google Play), by
#25 Alarm Clock HD – Free (iTunes App Store), by Alarm Clock Company
#26 Darts Night (iTunes App Store), by Appshen Limited
#27 Flashlight Ⓞ (iTunes App Store), by iHandy Inc.
#28 Crazy Fruit (Google Play), by Lovely Game
#29 Cool Wallpapers HD (Google Play), by Kappboom Inc.
#30 Angry Birds (Google Play), by Rovio Mobile Ltd.
#31 Alarm Clock Xtreme Free (Google Play), by AVG Labs
#32 AudioLoader MP3 Downloader – The best choice for music download (iTunes App Store), by Ricardo Ramos
#33 British Radios (iTunes App Store), by fbenslim
#34 InstaEditor – Instant Photo Editor! (iTunes App Store), by YummyApps Inc.
#35 Little Dentist – kids games (iTunes App Store), by George CL
#36 FUTWIZ (iTunes App Store), by Webeast Ltd
#37 Logo Quiz (Google Play), by bubble quiz games
#38 Downloads Plus – Downloader & Download Manager (iTunes App Store), by Huanzhen Zhang
#39 Cookie Clickers™ (Google Play), by redBit games
#40 Bubble Shooter (Google Play), by Ilyon Dynamics
#41 Cool Bubble Shooter (Google Play), by SUPER SOFT
#42 250+ Solitaire Collection (Google Play), by Alexei Anoshenko
#43 Mackolik Canlı Sonuçlar (iTunes App Store), by Kokteyl A.Ş.
#44 Pressed For Words (Google Play), by Words and Maps
#45 Don’t Touch The Spikes (iTunes App Store), by Ketchapp
#46 Real Racing 3 (iTunes App Store), by Electronic Arts
#47 Padgram – Instagram Viewer for iPad (iTunes App Store), by Pinssible Labs
#48 Follow The Line (Google Play), by Crimson Pine Games
#49 Free iVideo Music Video Downloader & Manager (iTunes App Store), by Mustafa Pehlivan
#50 Instant Buttons (iTunes App Store), by CremaGames S.L.
#51 Toddlers Trifling (Google Play), by Lubis
#52 TuneIn Radio (Google Play), by TuneIn Inc
#53 Nepali FM (iTunes App Store), by Deepak Dhakal
#54 iMusic – Free Music from YouTube (iTunes App Store), by Owen Wen
#55 YouPlayer – Video Player for YouTube (iTunes App Store), by Homegrown Software Ltd
#56 Photo Editor – Fotolr (iTunes App Store), by Tiny Piece Co., Ltd
#57 Tagged – Meet, Chat, Flirt (iTunes App Store), by Tagged Inc.
#58 iRadio UK Free* (iTunes App Store), by George Blu
#59 The Weather Channel App for iPad – best local forecast, radar map, and storm tracking (iTunes App Store), by The Weather Channel Interactive
#60 John GBA Lite – Gameboy(GBA) (Google Play), by John emulators
#61 30 Day Ab Challenge Free (iTunes App Store), by Jozic Productions
#62 Magic Towers Solitaire (Google Play), by Glowing Eye Games
#63 My Alarm Clock Free (Google Play), by Apalon Apps
#64 ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers (Google Play), by Zedge
#65 Dream Talk Recorder (iTunes App Store), by Sajid Niazi
#66 Battery HD (Google Play), by
#67 Catch the Balls (iTunes App Store), by Ketchapp
#68 My Secret Diary (iTunes App Store), by yoobee
#69 Fast News (Google Play), by Pinenuts Android Developers
#70 Racing Penguin, Flying Free – by Top Free Games (iTunes App Store), by Top Free Games
#71 Bejeweled Blitz (iTunes App Store), by PopCap
#72 Flick Kick Football Legends (iTunes App Store), by PikPok
#73 Piano Tiles (Don’t Tap The White Tile) (iTunes App Store), by HU WEN ZENG
#74 Tetris® Blitz (iTunes App Store), by Electronic Arts
#75 DamnLOL (iTunes App Store), by Invacore
#76 Snappy Bird – The Flappy Wings Fly (iTunes App Store), by Animated Emoji
#77 School Driving 3D (Google Play), by Ovidiu Pop
#78 Downloader & Private Browser (Google Play), by Mirmay Limited
#79 The Line (iTunes App Store), by Ketchapp
#80 BlockLauncher (Google Play), by Zhuowei Zhang
#81 Tagged – Meet, Chat, Flirt (Google Play), by Tagged Inc
#82 The HinterLands: Mining Game (Google Play), by
#83 HD Tattoo Designs Catalog (iTunes App Store), by Escargot Studios, LLC
#84 Download Manager for Android (Google Play), by Renkmobil Bilisim
#85 Candy Frenzy (Google Play), by appgo
#86 Solitaire City (iTunes App Store), by Digital Smoke LLC
#87 Don’t Tap The White Tile (Google Play), by HU WEN ZENG
#88 Puppies Puzzle (Google Play), by Kashikume
#89 Mahjong Master (Google Play), by GB Games
#90 Bubble Wars (Google Play), by Modular Dreams Incorporated
#91 Sudoku 🙂 (iTunes App Store), by TicBits Ltd
#92 Sky Sports for iPhone (iTunes App Store), by BSkyB
#93 Photo Grid-Collage Maker (Google Play), by RoidApp
#94 Dominoes (Google Play), by Carl Hopf
#95 InstaCollage Pro – Pic Frame & Photo Collage & Caption Editor for Instagram FREE (iTunes App Store), by click2mobile
#96 Ludo MultiPlayer Online Lite (iTunes App Store), by NakimSoft
#97 Onefootball – Football News & Live Scores (iTunes App Store), by Onefootball GmbH
#98 30 Day Squat Challenge Free (iTunes App Store), by Jozic Productions
#99 Flashlight.® (iTunes App Store), by Intellectual Flame Co., Ltd.
#100 Baby Flash Cards : 450+ flashcards app for babies, preschool & kindergarten – Kids learn first words with sounds, colors and pictures (iTunes App Store), by eFlashApps, LLC
#101 AppLock (Google Play), by DoMobile Lab
#103 Geometry Dash Lite (iTunes App Store), by Robert Topala
#104 Call and SMS Easy Blocker (Google Play), by KAISARs LAB
#105 Maps for Minecraft PE (Google Play), by Tom Bailey
#106 Tiny Flashlight + LED (Google Play), by Nikolay Ananiev
#107 Calculator for iPad Free (iTunes App Store), by International Travel Weather Calculator
#108 Parking Madness (iTunes App Store), by Mobil Interaktif
#109 Bouncy Ball (Google Play), by RAON GAMES
#110 Candies Legend (Google Play), by Smoote Mobile
#111 Real Basketball (iTunes App Store), by Mobil Interaktif
#112 Train Sim (Google Play), by 3583 Bytes
#113 Alarm Clock HD Free (iTunes App Store), by iHandy Inc.
#114 High-Powered Flashlight (Google Play), by iHandy Inc.
#115 Toddler puzzles for Boys (iTunes App Store), by Genius Donkeys
#116 Video Download – iBolt Downloader & Manager (iTunes App Store), by Connect Technology Co., Ltd
#117 Unblock Me FREE (iTunes App Store), by Kiragames Co., Ltd.
#118 Team Stream (iTunes App Store), by Bleacher Report
#119 CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator (Google Play), by IntSig Information Co.,Ltd
#120 Crazy Dentist – Fun games (Google Play), by
#121 Chat for Omegle (Talk with Strangers) (iTunes App Store), by FunPokes Inc.
#122 Penguin Airborne (iTunes App Store), by Rafal Staszewski
#123 Jewels Star (Google Play), by ANDROID GAME
#124 Kids Doodle HD – Color, Paint, Scribble & Draw Game (iTunes App Store), by XIAOQING HU
#125 Hair Salon – Kids Games (Google Play), by
#126 Total Snooker Free (Google Play), by Friendly Monster
#127 Video Downloader – Download & Play Any Video (iTunes App Store), by Appsneon
#128 Weather+ (iTunes App Store), by International Travel Weather Calculator
#129 Guess The Song (Google Play), by S Quiz It!
#130 qeep – Chat, Flirt, Friends (Google Play), by
#131 Link Up TV – Free Music | Mixtapes | News App (iTunes App Store), by Link Up TV LTD
#132 Mahjong (Google Play), by 1bsyl
#133 Music TV – View Your Music Songs on YouTube for Free! (iTunes App Store), by Caramba App Development
#134 Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 (iTunes App Store), by PopCap
#135 Jigsaw Puzzles (Google Play), by
#136 Piano Teacher (Google Play), by rubycell
#137 Solitaire (Google Play), by Brainium Studios
#138 Bubble Explode (iTunes App Store), by Spooky House Studios UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)
#139 Geometry Dash Lite (Google Play), by RobTop Games
#140 100 Balls (iTunes App Store), by Giedrius Talzunas
#141 MiniBattle HD (iTunes App Store), by Pocket River Limited
#142 Creamy Ice (Google Play), by ThumbFire
#143 MX Player (Google Play), by J2 Interactive
#144 4 Pics 1 Word Cheats & Answers (Google Play), by Kafkas Mobile
#145 Data Cake (iTunes App Store), by Handy Toy
#146 Griddlers Plus (Google Play), by A. YILDIZ
#147 World Craft HD (iTunes App Store), by Engin Yildiz
#148 Catch Phrase Free (Google Play), by Cube Interactive
#149 Mobile Speed Test (iTunes App Store), by Ookla
#150 Free Music Download and Player for SoundCloud (iTunes App Store), by PlayReap Studios
#151 Candy Smash (Google Play), by Ezjoy
#152 Super Ball Batting (iTunes App Store), by HU WEN ZENG
#153 Horoscope ® (iTunes App Store), by
#154 Foot Spa – Kids games (iTunes App Store), by George CL
#155 Hêvî TV (iTunes App Store), by Hevi Team
#156 SaveMySnaps (Google Play), by Liam Cottle
#157 Pic Jointer – Picture Collage, Camera Effects plus Photo Editor (iTunes App Store), by RUI JIA
#158 V-Downloader (iTunes App Store), by Audacity Software Pte. Ltd.
#159 Team Stream by Bleacher Report (Google Play), by Bleacher Report Inc.
#160 Sudoku Fun (Google Play), by Cool Mango
#161 AntiVirus Security – FREE (Google Play), by AVG Mobile
#162 Movies by Flixster – with Rotten Tomatoes (iTunes App Store), by Flixster, Inc.
#163 MailOnline (iTunes App Store), by dmg media ltd


So if you want to reach the people on their phones playing these apps or games then you need to use display advertising. There are many different formats of display advertising (different sized boxes) all details are shown in the Display panel tool. Your best bet is to make sure you have a leaderboard 728x90px, an MPU 300x250px as a minimum. Then look to create other display ad units or get a designer to do so.

When deciding what to put in the box, please see my post on creating a digital display campaign that is effective. These tips apply to all formats.

We can also hit the google display networks of websites, to make our adverts appear in front of an Ipswich audience who are on websites. Although this list is mostly anonymous, it does show some decent names and you can select or de-select ones that are not required for your campaign.

In this example we are just trying to reach the people of Ipswich with a generic ad, but if you were in the used car sales Ipswich market then you might want to place your ad on AutoTrader or a suitable website where people are showing intent that they are in the market for a vehicle.

There is a lot of websites on here, are you from Ipswich and do you use some of these?


#15, multiple locations


To see the full list of 400+ sites that the people of Ipswich are using just click the link above to download the excel file.

So we know which websites and which mobile apps to target from using the google display network. We have looked at how many brand searches there are on Google too.

We havnt covered Youtube, which seems to be the most popular of our selected search terms for Ipswich located people. YouTube is a gold mine for reaching people, and you can use video advertisements to reach your audience, or display adverts. There are so many options that ensure that there is very little wastage.

If you want to get a message to people of Ipswich then YouTube is a great way to do it, however you need to be able to create a professional video advert that will work hard for you. This is not easily done, and people are used to seeing some decent professional ads on YouTube, so dont upset your potential customers with badly produced video.

We also havn’t covered Facebook, which again is massive in terms of its reach in Ipswich or anywhere! as you probably are aware.

Facebook ads are powerful and you can quickly get a message out to people in less traditional ways. I wouldnt go with the hard sell too much on Facebook, try to speak with personality. What would the brand say if it could? Can you run a promotion or a giveaway to maximise the share-ability of the advert? We have shown previously that the people of Ipswich like a bargain as they use Gumtree and other classifieds websites and apps on their phones. Can you generate a bargain that is shareable on social media? An incentive to share works wonders. If you are targeting older people then can you use something that only they would remember and if you can make it personal to Ipswich then even better.


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