Will Smaller Businesses be left behind in this new Digital Age?

Will Smaller Businesses be left behind in this new Digital Age?

Digital marketing is slowly becoming the most sought after skillset in the modern day. Even in two years, searches for this term have dramatically increased as shown below.

This shows that people are putting a name to the whole area of digital used to promote a business online. There are various strategies through varying mediums using different tactics to achieve success for businesses online.

But there is a fast becoming separate world. The smaller business, who are not so tech-savvy are fast becoming anonymous in contrast to the national, big budget companies who are realising the power of the new digital age. These larger businesses are making the most of this digital opportunity by hiring the right people with the knowledge to take them a step further.

The rise of the digital agency can be seen all around and in search we get an idea of the growth.

Digital Agency Businesses Map

There is not a lot stopping a smaller business contacting a local digital agency, and the services they provide could be absolutely invaluable to any business. There is a real opportunity to stand out online from your competitors locally.

Its not so much the budget of the smaller business that is the problem, as a little bit of revenue can go quite far online and you can get a good idea of ROI with your investment.

Instead there is a lack of knowledge from smaller business. They do not know that they need to go in a particular direction, let alone which direction. There is a lot of here-say and cowboys who act as a professional who are just using buzzwords and are actually unable to deliver a good job.

Instead taking the money with no care for the business or their own work. The business owner has no idea what is good and what is bad and that they may be being taken for a ride.

They need to be able to be shown the ropes online and get their feet firmly in place. Someone to hold their hand and guide them through the online world. A trustworthy person or group of people who take pride in their work is required.

I believe there is an opportunity for individuals to act as this online guide. Just like a smaller versions of a fully functioning digital agency that help these smaller businesses get online and make a stand in their online territory.


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