Google Analytics – How To Exclude Spam Sources like “” or “” from your Website Data

Google Analytics – How To Exclude Spam Sources like “” or “” from your Website Data

As you can see from the below. I am getting attacked by Spam Bots on one of my blogs!


These bots attack me because they are trying to gain as much data as possible in order to provide website services on a freemium basis.

Semalt and results are very irritating as they;

  • Make bounce rates dramatically lower ( All Semalt visit lasts 0 seconds.)
  • 1 page visits mean that your average page per visit is dramatically lower
  • The traffic from semalt and combined account for a lot of website traffic on some Google Analytics reports. (in the example above, 66% of the traffic on the specific date requested has been from these bots!) 🙁

The easiest way I have found to resolve the problem of Semalt/ Spam results.

On Reporting tab,


Select Add New Segmant

Select New Segment button (its a big red one, cant miss it)


Select Advanced>Conditions.



Select the first box, and change this to Acquistion>Source

This is the Source of the traffic


Change the include button, to exclude.

Now add in the following into the box



At the bottom you can select Test!

hit this button, and see if it will work if you were to save this.


For me, I want to exclude both

to exclude both from Google Analytics, you need to add an OR statement to the same segment.


Now ive added in


Give the Segment a name. Test it again if you like and save.




All done. Now check out your results, spam bot free 🙂


You can use this segment on any of your reports at any time. If another result looks a bit dodgy, then you can just edit the same segment.



Since creating this post it has became very popular for helping lots of people remove these spam bot sessions from Google Analytics. also, since creating this post more different spam bots have occurred from several different domains.

I am surprised that Google have not been able to filter these results themselves for us, however below is a list of the new spam sources that you may wish to look out for and add to your list of spam sources.

Otherwise, it may appear that your website is getting a lot of views when in reality it is not.

Spam Sources List to Exclude from Your Analytics

Follow the steps above this list to exclude them all from your list. Below is a list of all the domains I am now excluding shown in my analytics segmentation for excluding all spam sources/spam bots.

excluding spam sources analytics



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